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Professional Tree Removal Services in Tehachapi, CA

Remove unwanted tree stumps from your yard with land clearing and tree removal services in Tehachapi, CA, with the help of Art's Tree Service. Our team will visit your home and assess the stump prior to writing an estimate. After removing the stump, we then grind it up for safe disposal. Contact us to learn about our tree services.

Exceptions for Residential Tree Removal

Please note that there are some limits to this type of tree service we offer. Our team will not remove trees unless they're:

  • Breaking the Concrete
  • Causing Or Could Cause Damage To Your Property
  • Breaking Into Or Getting Too Close To the House
  • Dying Or Dead Trees

How To Get a Quote

Just give us a call and send us a text with an image of the work that needs to be done. We can come out the same day or within 24 hours.

Land Clearing

Get rid of trees in open land spaces. Our arborists conduct a detailed assessment to determine a plan of action that works for you.


Save your tree or improve the appearance of delicate plants by hiring us. Our skilled arborists work carefully to remove dead wood or branches.

Tree Felling

If you want to clean up your property but are unsure of how to cut trees so that they fall without causing damage, we can help. Our tree cutters fell trees in the direction you choose and confirm they're secure for your safety.