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Efficient Land Clearing in Tehachapi, CA

Take Advantage of our tree services and land clearing in Tehachapi, CA, to clear away problematic trees and brush. At Art’s Tree Service, our experienced arborists have the skills and equipment needed to work efficiently, while ensuring your trees are felled safely. So when you have trees or stumps that you need to be cleared away from your property, trust our team to take care of the work quickly. Contact us today for an estimate and to discuss our special offers. 

Trimming Away Excess

In addition to our removal services, our team also handles tree sculpting and trimming to make your property’s trees look amazing. Trimming and pruning also help to improve the health of your plants by removing excess branches that could be blocking sunlight. These branches could also become a problem in windy weather, creating hazards when around power lines or buildings. This is why regular tree trimming is so essential for the plants on your property.

Additionally, by having us work on your trees, we can also determine which trees in your yard should be removed for the overall health and beauty of your landscape and garden. Reach out to our office to discuss our services and see whether residential tree removal or trimming is the better option for your property.